Hello Work? (wasn’t it world?)

So this is a "reupload" for the very first publication I did on medium, I'm reposting it here for historical reasons.

So, yesterday was my first day working! yaaaay. It’s a developer (maybe full stack? cuz’ asp.net + css + c# + SQL server) internship so I don’t know if I can call it a job because as a intern I’m, probably, not even a person… so that’s that. lol. But overall I’m happy.

I find working is much like a term paper, except it’s no paper, nor a term, and in the end you end up with some money, which is cool. I decided writing this because… well:

  1. I don’t think it hurts sharing some of my experiences;
  2. for some time I wanted to make a blog;
  3. maybe (in the future, when) this posts (I might or might not continue writing) can help someone;
  4. I just attended a dev meet up where some people said something like the last topic;
  5. it’s good practice for english, since my main language is pt_br;
  6. I really want to begin producing some stuff for this year;
  7. probably there is more, but I can’t quite remember…

So yeah, back to what I was saying, dev internship is like: you take some stuff to do from the person who gives you things to do (because thats seem reasonable), then you try to do, then you write quick report. Then, if it’s not the time for you to leave the workplace, you repeat.

  var workToDo = getStuffToDo()
  var stuffDone = workIt(workToDo, ["For" => "2h"])

It was a big surprise for me that there isn’t much special in working. Next Topic!

I’m also part of a small team of (indie) gamedevs working on this great game that I’m hoping writing about it may end up as an incentive to keep it going. Like, right now, there ain’t people working on it…

My excuse is “I have a really crap computer which can’t run the engine properly, so I’m working (literally) on getting money to buy a new one”. About the rest I don’t know their excuses, but I’m not here to judge.

I’ll hopefully keep writing about my experiences on working, and the things I eventually learn, like how to actually use Firebase, or how JavaScript works, the vibe I’m on on that moment.

  1. OH yeah! I’m writing this because I want. Yeah, that’s a good reason if you ask me.